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Wine Tasting Malta

Maltese wine

Although for many years Malta was not known for producing great wine, in recent years we have begun taking on the likes of Italy due to our native grapes and launches of new local wines. At Wine Tasting Malta our aim is to change this. 

We have been producing for over 2000 years, so the love for wine is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We also independently produce our own wine makes it an incredibly intriguing for consumers to experiment with. 

This combined with the rise of quality of wine produced due to mediterranean climate, rich soil and the work of our local wineries has resulted in Malta becoming one of Europe’s most promising emerging countries for wine. 

At Wine Tasting Malta have two unique grape varieties which are the Girgentina for white wine production and the Gellewza for red wine and rosés.  Malta’s quality wines are boutique wines, which are produced scarcely and are not well-known at all.

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We have carefully chosen our favourite wines that are produced in different regions of Malta and Gozo. Being that we are not connected with any wine producers our opinion and offering is unbiased because we do not have a preference for the promotion of any brand. Just good quality wine.


Join us for an unforgettable top rated Wine Tasting in Malta!

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 7 of the best local wines from different wine producing regions of Malta & Gozo.

Anyone who’s interested in getting to know Maltese wine. Perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters.

Wine Tasting Malta is interactive, includes games and challenges, which makes it much more fun than other tastings.

Private groups of 6+

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