In this little article, I will tell you about the winter in Malta and the 5 good reasons to come in low season.

We often think that Malta is a good destination just for the summer, but it’s a bad idea. Malta is an island full of riches, no matter the time of year. With lot of monuments and mythical places Malta is must-see place in winter.

The Climate:

The climate in Malta is always mild, regardless of the season.

With a temperature always higher than 30ยฐC in the summer, the winter remains soft with temperatures remaining higher than 12ยฐC the day. It lasts only 2 months: January and February, at this time the sun remains present between 5 and 6 hours a day.

Malta sea in winter with lot of waves

Party in Paceville and Malta Pub Crawl:

The party in Paceville is always possible in any season, the only difference are the days when bars and clubs are open. In summer all the clubs and bars are open every day but in winter some of them are open only on weekends. The nights are still lively and fun.

Malta Pub Crawl is always open all year on Fridays in winter. Malta Pub Crawl is the top-rated pub crawl and nightlife activity for partying in Paceville. If you come to this pub crawl you can be sure to leave with new friends from around the world and great memories. We promise you a fun evening with lots of free drinks and visit many bars and clubs.

Malta Pub Crawl party in Paceville

Not too much tourist and Low prices:

From October tourists are less numerous, which allows access to monuments and activities easier. The hotels are less crowded, and the streets of the cities quieter.

From November prices drop a lot on the island. Prices of hotels and apartment rentals decreases, and a lot of activity becomes more accessible like spa for example.

The end of year celebrations:

In Malta, 98% of the population is Christian, which explains on the one hand the churches present everywhere on the archipelago and on the other hand the magisterial celebrations of the end-of-year celebrations.

If you take a stroll in Malta for Christmas, you will realize the amazing number of nurseries in front of each house and all the decorations set up for the event.

In Valletta, if you pass the in front of the Parliament, you will have the chance to marvel at the majestic “Chrimas tree”. All streets are also decorated with multiple light garlands

As is the tradition on Christmas Eve, a midnight mass is held in every church on the island


No matter the season, all activities and visits to the island are always available. If you come in winter we advise you to visit these cities:


Mdina named the silence city is the least populated city of the island with only 300 inhabitants. Located in the centre of the island, Mdina is the old capital of Malta.

This fortified city allows to have a breath-taking view of the rest of the island, after you walk through the walls of the city you can visit the Cathedral Saint Paul, which is the seat of the bishop of Malta.

one door of Mdina, the silent city


Valletta is the capital of Malta, known for its strong historical potential, it is full of museums, palaces and monuments visited.  Lโ€™UNESCO has identified 320 monuments on the small area of โ€‹โ€‹55 hectares of Valletta. Even in winter, there is something to do!

Valetta view

Gozo a green island :

Gozo is one of the 21 islands constituting the Maltese archipelago. Known as the Malta Gardens, Gozo is an island very different from Malta and yet it is only a few miles away. This much greener and more florid island than Malta is a place known for its nature, its sandy beaches, its scuba diving sites and its whole trekking. With capital Victoria also known as Rabat, this island has great wealth. The island is inhabited by 30 000 inhabitants much less than Malta which has 397 143 inhabitants.

Sea in Gozo with a beautiful sun

Malta is a great place to spend a little winter holiday without getting too cold and discovering a very rich culture.

But for this holiday to be perfect, donโ€™t forget to book your Friday night with Malta Pub Crawl !

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