Malta is a popular location for its ability to offer everybody enough activities to keep them busy and happy, at all time of the day. Tourists, students, seniors, casino lovers, and late-night crawlers all have a lot to do in Malta. Pubs and other fun locations are spread around the streets, so if you’re careful enough to look at signposts, you may never run out of places to chill out in.

If you want a place for humble backpackers to relax, while partying hard, then you should be headed to one of Malta’s party hostels.

Are you new to Malta or looking for the best Maltese party hostel? Take a look at our list of top party hostels in Malta.

1. Inhawi Hostel

Inhawi Hostel is probably one of the most popular in Malta. It is located in the heart of St Julian’s, with restaurants, loads of shops and beautiful beaches spread around.

These plus points combine to make it one of the best Maltese party hostels, and that’s not even all. Its staffs are professional and very friendly, lighting up the atmosphere with their smile at all times.

One thing you’ll love about the place, however, is the outdoor terrace with a super cool pool.

2. Marco Polo Hostel

Ever heard the words Marco Polo? Well, this hostel is probably the reason behind the fame of the phrase.

The place is one sure place to see lots of solo travelers that are looking to party hard. Another plus for the hostel is its location near Spinola Bay, which is a lovely location.

The whole place is modern and always clean, featuring a bar where you can meet and chat with other travelers. It provides you everything you will love in a party hostel.

3. Boho Hostel

If you are familiar with Malta, then you will not be surprised to see this name here. It is indeed among the best and a great place to stay a couple of days.

It is a quiet place, run with friendly and professional staffs. If you want to take some time off partying, then this place should be your favorite option. Blessed to be in a serene environment overlooking amazing sceneries.

Whether you’ve been in Malta for long or heading to it for the first time, this is the place to be

4. Hostel Malti

One look at the name of this place and you’ll be convinced that it is a cool place to visit, with everything on point at all moments.

If you are traveling solo, then you’ll not be fair to yourself to end your stay in Malta without visiting this destination. Here, you get to enjoy a lovely time, relaxing under topnotch services, but that’s not everything. You also get to meet lots of travelers like you that are willing to mingle, and you never can tell, you may make a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Staying in Malta is a complete pack of fun on its own, but if you love to party hard, then one of these party hostels will come useful for you as you step into Malta.

Take a moment to experience each of them today!


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