Pub crawls are almost always a sure way to have a good time in Malta. You get to meet new people, enjoy quality time with good friends and get a good drink, which to be honest can help you for a moment forget any sorrow you had.

The issue, however, is that as much as a pub crawl is total fun, it can still turn into a logistical nightmare without proper planning, with people getting lost, separated from friends, and wandering through the night alone.

Well, all those don’t have to happen, not when you have these tips to help you enjoy a pub crawl in Malta.

So here are some tips to keep you safe.

1. Have a Plan to party

Don’t fret at the idea of having a plan at hand – it doesn’t have to be very big. Just have a general game plan. Know where the bars are located and at least determine how you intend to hit them.

With a rough plan at hand, everybody in the team should be able to know at least what to do in case things begin to unravel.

Of course, plans don’t guarantee total success, but at least they can help you avoid failure as much as possible.

2. Pace Yourself through the clubbing

As much as it is a night to have fun, you don’t want to be the guy that spoils the night for everybody by getting too drunk to continue. If you do, then your friends might have no option than to dump you in the care of an irritated bartender who spends the whole night thinking of whether to smash a bottle on your head or drop you outside the bar.

Sure, it seems right to start your night with a good drink, but it is going to be a long night, and you don’t want to be cramping up in the first hour.

3. Don’t Be in a Rush to enjoy the nightlife

Malta is loaded with fascinating bars, but it will be a no brainer rushing through all because you want to cover all the bars.

Yes, you want to experience as many bars as possible, but the fun lies in really experiencing them. So take your time to enjoy each bar before moving to the next.

4. Give Your friends Space

You don’t want to spend the night running around in one big herd, looking like you depend on your friends to take every decision for you. This is Malta, one of the safest city to be in at night. So why not? Spread out, meet and talk to new people. After all, that’s what the night is for.

There you have it. With these tips and many more, you should be able to enjoy a pub crawl in Malta. So step out today, get yourself a pub crawl team and have fun for a whole night in Malta, enjoying drinks in different bars.


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