Unlike many other locations you’ve probably visited, the sunset in Malta is the beginning of an exciting nightlife party. The city surprises you during the day, but it has even more activities when the sky turns dark.

There’s a lot of night activities to engage in, such that whether you are a foodie, a party goer or you love to enjoy unfolding sceneries at magic shows, something is befitting for you.

Take a look at our selection of the 5 best night activities to try out in Malta.

1. Head to Level 22 With Your Party Shoes

Malta is famous for its party lifestyle. Despite its relatively small size, party goers are going to have the time of their life, considering that the island boasts of many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Well, maybe because of the location of the island, or for the contagious love Maltese have for partying, you’ll be tempted to have your dancing shoes on and be ready to party the night away.

Level 22 is one place to be in if you love to party. Located in an otherwise calm Sr. Julians, Level 22 is well situated to offer a panoramic view of Malta in a stylish environment.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy different music from the 80’s even up to modern beats, so be ready to dance the night away. The club is also known to host international DJs regularly, so there’s always a variety to enjoy from.

2. Try the Traditional Maltese Dinner

You’ve never really known a place until you know their local delicacies and for Malta, there is no better time to know about the Maltese food style than with a traditional Maltese dinner when it gets late.

The national dish here is the rabbit stew which is popularly referred to as tal-fenek. History suggests that this Maltese delicacy had lasted nearly as long as Malta itself when the Knights of St. John introduced it in 1565. This delicacy has grown in popularity over time, and the fuss around it makes it even more tempting to tourists and foreigners.

The recipes needed for this dish are locally sourced, so it’s easy to deduce its numerous health benefits. The different flavors and ingredients that are used for this delicacy complement each other, making it one of the most fascinating food you’ll have a taste of in your lifetime.

3. Check out the Magic Show at the Mystery Chambers

Of course, you’re probably thinking now, “why do I even need to go see the magic when I’m not a kid.” Well, that’s probably because you’ve never been to the Chamber of Mysteries and I dare you to try.

All the keys you need for a fun and entertaining evening in Malta is packed here. Get ready once you step in here to see amusing floating objects, as well as mind-boggling predictions.

4. Go Pub Crawling

Do you want some real night adventure? Then you should join a Maltese pub crawl event. In Malta, there’s a pub crawl happening nearly every weekend.

Once in Malta, take your time to research what’s happening, and as long as it is in Malta, you will find some amazing outing. Check for a Maltese pub crawl, register yourself and get into it with people of like minds.

There is a lot to do at might in Malta. Unlike in most other places, you’ll never get bored being here. Make your tour lively and fun with these few tips.


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