Truth Club Malta

The best Nightlife and Food in Paceville

TRUTH Club Malta is a vibrant venue just down the road from Paceville Piazza, which is the meeting point for the Pub Crawl. 

This venue which regularly pumps the beats with crowds of up to 700 people, serves some of our favorite steaks on the island. So whether you’re looking to pop champagne and indulge in fine vodka at a party. 

TRUTH Club Malta is  a nighlife mecca with a foodies twist on tasty meats. 

This is the place for you!  


Mouth watering food dishes mostly based in succulent Meat which you can choose from our Meatbox.


Truth Club in the hearth of St Julian's is a concept club lounge offering amazing food and entertainment.


A wide selection of wines and spirits with the capacity to serve large groups.

Truth Club Malta, in the hearth of Paceville, St.Julian’s is a concept club offering a mix of food and entertainment. The Pub Crawl Malta visits TRUTH Club on Monday and Friday.

Truth is open daily, and every night is a themed night offering something for everyone all throughout the week from chilled Mondays, to unplugged live sessions, there is always a buzzing atmosphere at Truth.

TRUTH SUNDAYS :: The Best Nightlife and Food in paceville

 International Guest Dj 

TRUTH Club Regularly books DJs and Guests in Collaboration with some of Malta’s most famous Event organizers. The Maltese electronic music scene is rich with Techno & House DJs and producers. Especially during the Summer, when events regularly continue during the early hours of the morning during Feasts. 


✖️ Carl Lautier

✖️ Leo


🔻Strictly 17+ -Only Official documents will be accepted as proof of ID. *Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

✖ Doors Open 4pm ✖️Good Vibes Only

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