Top Night Parties to Look Out For in Malta this Year

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Since the dawn of 2019, Malta has been packed with lots of events and parties, from smoking hot festivals to parties celebrating local cultures.

If you’re planning a visit to Malta during the year, then a night event will be an excellent way to catch all the fun you want.

Want to know what events to be on the look out for this year? Here’s the right place to get all the information you need on parties and events in Malta this year.

Below is a comprehensive rundown of top night parties to look out for.

1. Paceville, St. Julian’s – Most Popular Nightlife Location in Malta

Many review sites are already referring to Paceville as the party hub of Malta, and it is not hard to see why it has earned this title. Its location, events, and activities make it the perfect place for any individual looking to enjoy a night out.

It is located at the heart of Malta’s clubbing scene, but the party hub is known to feature other exciting events apart from clubbing. It is specifically famous for hosting an exquisite range of restaurants with local Maltese delicacies as well as intercontinental dishes on offer.

One of the most popular clubs in Paceville is Havana, a club that’s home to an all night of dancing.

Alternatively, the Shadow club offers a fancier time out that you will love. Take a chill on one of the leather couches if you want, or party the night away as the DJ drops non-stop beats all night

2. Aria Village – San Gwann

From your first step into Aria, the atmosphere notifies you that it is a party complex because it is just electrifying. The venue is kept alive with different types of parties and club activities going on all around the year.

There’s everything, from pool parties during summer and cozy indoor parties during winter, making it a hotspot for all sorts of people and tastes. This place is not your ordinary nightclub, because of the level of activities going on in it during the day and at night. In the venue, you’ll see unique concepts, some of which you’ve probably never seen before, such as themed events and even foam parties.

One great thing about Aria is how it does away with recorded tracks for live music most times. The venue also hosts several private events around the year, so be sure you’re not crashing into a wedding uninvited during any visit

3. Café Del Mar – Bugibba

Looking for a chill evening? Then this party location offers you everything you want on such nights.

Based in Bugibba, Café Del Mar forms part of the famous Ibiza chain, where you can have a relaxed evening sipping in some cocktails by a beautiful pool.

Alternatively, you can choose to attend one of the many exclusive events hosted at the venue from time to time. This place is opened from May to October, so this is the perfect time to begin to pack your bags for incredible fun.


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