Things You Should Know about Malta’s Exciting Nightlife

Malta is one of the most popular tour locations around the world, and it is not too hard to see why tourists want to go there for clubbing, party and nightlife. In this article we will look at the best nightlife in St Julian’s, Sliema, Bugibba and Valletta.

Popular activities include learning about the dramatic history of the Island, taking a dive in the ever attractive azure waters as well as having a romantic time under the sunny skies. Beyond these activities, however, a major attraction to the Maltese Island for most tourists is the good nightlife that can be enjoyed in Malta.

The art and music scene is also not left out, as there are lots of festivals to be attended throughout any stay.

In this article, we will concentrate on talking about nightlife in Malta, as well as recommendations of venues and places you will love to check out at night in Malta. We will also highlight what you can expect to pay as entrance fees in these places, their hours of operation and how to get there.

To start with, let’s name some of the best nightlife activities to try in Malta.

nightlife in malta

What are the Best Night Activities in Malta?

Unlike many other locations you’ve probably visited, the setting of the sun in Malta is the beginning of an entirely new lifestyle. The city surprises you during the day, but it has even more surprises when the cloud turns dark.

There are a lot of night activities to engage in, such that whether you are a foodie, a party goer or you love to enjoy unfolding sceneries at magic shows, there is something befitting for you.

Take a look at our selection of 4 of the best night activities to try out in Malta.

  1. Head to Level 22 With Your Party Shoes.

Malta is famous for its party lifestyle. Despite its relatively small size, party goers are going to have the time of their life, considering that the island boasts of many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Well, maybe because of the location of the island, or for the contagious love Maltese have for partying, you’ll be tempted to have your dancing shoes on and ready to party the night away.

Level 22 is one place to be in if you love to party. Located in an otherwise calm Sr. Julians, Level 22 is well situated to offer a panoramic view of Malta in a stylish environment.

Here, you’ll get to enjoy different music from the 80’s even up to modern beats, so be ready to dance like you’ve never done before.

The club is also known to host international DJs regularly, so there’s always a variety to enjoy from.

2. Try the Traditional Maltese Dinner

You’ve never really known a place until you know their local delicacies and for Malta, there is no better time to know about the Maltese food style than with a traditional Maltese dinner when it gets late.

The national dish here is the rabbit stew which is popularly referred to as tal-fenek. History suggests that this Maltese delicacy has lasted nearly as long as Malta itself when the Knights of St. John introduced it in 1565.

The rabbit stew delicacy has grown in popularity over time, and the fuss around it makes it even more tempting to tourists and foreigners. The recipes needed for this dish are locally sourced, so it’s easy to deduce its numerous health benefits.

The different flavors and ingredients that are used for this delicacy complement each other well, making it one of the most fascinating food you’ll have a taste of in a lifetime.

Of course, you’re probably thinking now, “why do I even need to go see the magic when I’m not a kid.” Well, that’s probably because you’ve never been to the Chamber of Mysteries and I dare you to try.

All the keys you need for a fun and entertaining evening in Malta is packed here. Get ready once you step in here to see amusing floating objects, as well as mind-boggling predictions.

Go Pub Crawling

Do you want some real night adventure? Then you should join a Maltese pub crawl event.

In Malta, there’s a pub crawl happening nearly every weekend. Once in Malta, take your time to research what’s happening, and as long as it is in Malta, you will find some amazing happening outing.

Check for a Maltese pub crawl, register yourself and get into it with people of like minds.

There is a lot to do at might in Malta, so unlike in most other places, you’ll never get bored. Make your tour lively and fun with these few tips.

Where To Find The Best Nightlife in Malta

Although an organized island, it can still get difficult finding your way around Malta. However, the following places would be interesting to start your nightlife adventure in:

  • Paceville (St. Julian’s) – Malta’s nightlife hub
  • Valletta and Sliema – Malta’s home of wine bars and pubs
  • Bugibba, Qawra, and St. Paul’s Bay – Bar and clubs area
  • Birgu and Mdina – Wine bars
  • Rabat’s Outskirts – Open-air clubs for summer fun.
  • Sliema, fun bars and pubs along the ferries

Having mentioned them all, let’s spend some time to talk about each and how far they’ve come.

Best Maltese Nightlife Locations

The popularity of Paceville is very deserved, considering how much fun tourists and locals get during every visit.

The highpoint of the island is its overconcentration of bars, nightclubs, pubs, dining venues and other popular night out locations.

No doubt, you will find something that will interest you in this location, irrespective of how conservative or outspoken you may be.

If you are in this location and desire to have a memorable night, then you should consider joining one of the Pub Crawl teams that consist of people from different parts of the world. Different public crawls involve different activities, but they will mostly start at a rooftop bar and crawl until they get to the largest nightclubs in the area.

Usually, you get access to four drinks and unlimited shots in each booking.

Take a look at some of the most fascinating places that you wouldn’t want to miss in the area:

Most Popular Nightclubs in Paceville

  • Havana (Address: St George’s Road, Paceville)

This nightclub is not only popular for its interesting drinking culture, but it always has a music collection you will love.

It boasts of two exciting dance floors, with music from different genres characterizing different times. So whatever your preferred music genre, you can be sure to stay entertained all night. There are also six bars, each built comfortable and spacious enough. You can get each pint of local beer in this club for around €4.

Sky Club (Address: Dragonara Road, Paceville) – if you are looking for a club that’s spacious to take more people, then this is the right venue for you. It is, in fact, the largest club in Malta, spreading over 2,000 square meters – a size that’s big enough to contain about 3,500 party people at a time.

For admission fee and cost of drinks, you would be charged depending on the event going on at that particular time.

No doubt, this is somewhere you will want to have a party with so many people in attendance.

  • Shadow Lounge (Address: St George’s Road, Paceville)

This is another popular club that’s worth checking out if you love nightlife.

It is quite spacious and passes as cool for those that love a combination of different music genres.

You will also love the ambiance of the club if you love a stylish cocktail. Spirits go for as much as €2.55 per shot.

  • The Long Hall Irish Pub (Address: St. George’s Road, Paceville)

Long Hall is another very popular pub located right in the heart of Paceville.

Serving great pubs in a traditional pub environment, often playing live music.

  • Melounge

    A popular bar to go for expats to mingle and socialise with a view of the skyline covering Ballutta. Great wine and tapas on a terrace. Popular with erasmus students and home to a speakeasy event every Tuesday.
  • Level 22, (Address: Level 22, Portomaso Tower, Portomaso)

If you desire a more classy club experience, then this is the place to be. It is located high above with some beautiful views that you can soak yourself in while dancing or enjoying a drink depending on your preference.

Cocktail here costs between €6.50 and more.

Most Popular Paceville Bars and Pubs

For those that may value nights out in pubs and bars over partying in nightclubs, here are the most popular bars and pubs that you can start with.

  • Saddles (Address: 132 Main Street, Spinola Bay, St Julian’s)

This place is arguably one of the most popular pubs in Paceville, and locals prefer it for the cheapness of drinks here. This is a cool place to start off your party evening, with the availability of enough to drink.

The downside of the plant is its small size, seeing that it can get too crowded at times.

Don’t be dismayed, however, if you want an atmosphere of total fun, with good music and table soccer to go with the drinks, then this is the place for you.

Expect to get a pint of local beer for around €3.40.

  • The Dubliner (Address: Gorg Borg Olivier Road, St. Julian’s)

The Dubliner is a typical Irish pub for anyone to try. If you are looking for a hearty, but cheap pub grub, then this is certainly the right place to be in.

With its lively atmosphere and an all round sports coverage, you can be guaranteed of pure fun. There is also live music every Saturday night.

A pint of drink cost about €4.50 here, while shooters cost about €2.00.

  • The Scotsman Pub (Address: St. George’s Road, Paceville)

If you love the looks in a typical Scottish bar and would want a feel of it in Paceville, then this is the place for you.

With so much pub food and drinks to choose from, an exciting karaoke, and a lively sports scene, this place certainly looks like heaven.

  • Native Bar (Address: Paceville Main steps – Triq Santa Rita, St. Julian’s)

From its name, you can already tell that it has some native spice.

Located right in the heart of Paceville, this location boasts of an exciting selection of drinks and bar nibbles.

You will get a happy hour when discounted drinks will be sold between 6:00 – 7:30 PM. You can get cocktails here for about €5.50 and shooters for about €2.50.

Tips That Would Help You Get Around Paceville With Ease

Here, let’s talk about a few tips that will help you get around nightclubs, bars, and parties in Paceville.

  • Entrance Fees: Most bars and nightclubs in Paceville are entrance free, unless of course, a party or a special event is being organized. So you can walk into any bar or pub with just the money for drinks.
  • Operation Time: Most of Paceville’s clubs will start daily operation at about 9:30 PM, and you can expect them to stay on for many hours up until around 4:00 AM.

We would not advise you to arrive too early, considering that the party mostly doesn’t start till about 11:00 PM. So if you are out early, you can just stop in one of the bars around to grab a drink or two before moving on to the club.

  • Local Drinking Age: Just as it is in most other organized cities, there is the restriction for drinking. The drinking age in Paceville is 17 years and above, so a bartender may refuse to sell you alcohol or spirit if they suspect that you are below 17.

Also, expect to be asked several questions when attending nightclubs.

  • Locating Paceville and St. Julian’s: Getting to these places is quite easy, considering that they are located in a central area.

They can be accessed by public transport, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem for anybody. If you are going there in your own car, then there are public parking areas where you can park for a fee.

Most public parks display their rates publicly, so you can see what you are expected to pay before going in.


From looks to meal choices and weather, Malta’s magnificent capital of Valletta offers you more than you can think of during the day. You will love the flow of activities throughout the day, but beyond that, a night out in Valletta is something worth trying.

There’s a lot to make you want to come back. Let’s take the next few sections to talk about some of the places where you can enjoy a typical night out in Valletta, as well as how you can get into each of them.

Recommended Bars to Try in Valletta

Just like in most other Maltese areas, there are bars spread all over Valletta, with each offering its own distinct type of fun. However, there are a number of them that you would never want to miss during any visit.

Take a look at them.

  • Tico Tico: (Address: 61, Strait Street, Valletta).

Although relatively little in size, Tico Tico boasts of an amazing ambience that you will not love to miss.

The interior of this bar boasts of retro-chic decor, with glamorous crystal chandeliers. You will not only love the looks that this place offers but will also feel at home trying a cocktail or two.

  • Loop Bar: (Address: 68, Strait Street, Valletta).

Only very few bars in the class of this one can boast of being in the same pedal with it in looks and ambiance.

It is a quirky, 50s bar with such character and fun to keep your mind occupied for hours during any visit.

You might want to try one or more of the selection from their vintage menu. A local pint of beer here would cost you about €3.00.

  • Trabuxu: (Address: 2, Strait Street, Valletta).

This place is a very popular spot for locals, and they don’t hide their love it at all.

It is a wine bar, housed in a stone vaulted caller that’s estimated to be up to about 400-years old.

A good selection of platters is always on offer here, so you would be doing yourself a bit of good by going with a glass of wine.

  • Legligin: (Address: 110, St. Lucy Street, Valletta).

There’s probably no bar that combines an unusual and cozy decor as well as this one does. It is a tiny wine bar, but has everything to make it a perfect spot for a romantic night out for two.

There’s an extensive wine list to choose from, with some going for as low as €20.

  • Bridge Bar: (Address: St. Ursula Street Valletta).

One of the most popular places to go to in Valletta, especially during summer and late spring is the Bridge Bar.

For a long time, the Bridge Bar has been able to consistently bring beautiful jazz nights to the island. Fridays are the normal days for sessions, although you may still get drinks during every other time.

Yearly operation starts from around the end of May and ends in October. If you desire to have an authentic experience, well blended with a relaxed and stunning view, then this is the place to checkout.

The bar area is quite small and most times, visiting patrons would prefer to enjoy their night dipping on a glass of wine, while sitting just outside the bar.

Bugibba and Qawra

Bugibba is another Maltese area that catches the eyes of tourists on their first visit, and gets them wanting to come back again.

The city is located on the northern part of Malta and is quite easy to locate. The city’s popularity is mostly drawn from the availability of several attractions that can keep visitors on their feet for days.

Beyond the attractions, however, Bugibba boasts of a fascinating nightlife that’s worth enjoying.

The city is sandwiched with numerous hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, and clubs, all with a different ambiance to fit different personalities.

The popularity of the area soars more during the summer season because it is located close to the sea, which justifies the wind and cold during winter.


Hole in the Wall

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a coffee and toastie in the afternoon or a few of your favorite drinks at night. Hole in the wall has that sit-com bar vibe to it in the heart of Sliema.

Club Lounge – St Gregory’s

Located inland of Sliema this modern pub regular shows sports and has billiards and table football to keep you and your friends entertained.

Tex Mex/Medasia/Blackgold

These bars are located on the waterfront close to the ferries, during the day the main road is full of ticket sellers for day trips to comino etc these 3 bars are located across the street and serve fantastic food and happy hour cocktails.

Other Places

Apart from the places that we’ve talked about, there are several other cities of interest that anybody would like to check out during any visit.

Some of these places of interest include: Birgu, whose popularity is largely for the authenticity of its weather, as well as the beauty and organization in the decoration of its wine bars and Mdina. Sliema is another fantastic place where you can find restaurants and bars flooded around the sea.

Seasonal (Open-air) Clubbing

For some people, dancing in a closed club is not enough fun. To such people, the adventure that comes with spending a timeout with hundreds of people from different places in an open-air club is something worth enjoying.

Thankfully, there are several open-air clubbing venues in Malta, so you would never get bored during the summer season.

Here, take a look at our pick of some of the best Seasonal (open-air) clubbing venues in Malta.

  • Gianpula Village: Gianpula Village is another location worth visiting, seeing how it expertly combines a number of party events. This place is undoubtedly the largest open-air nightclub in the island, and it receives the biggest traffic during weekends.
  • Uno Malta at Ta’Qali Crafts Village: If there’s anywhere with the perfect ambiance for an all-night party, then it is here.

With the largest dancefloor in Malta, you would need to come with your creative steps to draw attention among the crowd. With a capacity of over 4,000 people, there would be lots of new faces to meet.

This place is popular among locals, so there’s a high possibility that they will recommend it for you if you ask them for a place to catch fun in.

Other places are:

  • Aria Complex in San GwannMedasia
  • Medasia Playa in Sliema
  • Playa in Sliema
  • Aria Complex in San Gwann

Usually, admission into most of these places would attract a fee, depending on parties and events.

Boat Parties

Apart from popular attractions and nightlife, you will also find a few operators organize boat parties once in a while, especially during summer and spring months. Most boat parties take off from Sliema and sail out along the northern coastline of Malta.

You will find that it is an experience worth having with great music, food, and drinks. You will also have the opportunity to swim at different stops with other swim lovers like you.

Now that you’ve gotten to this point, you are ready to start your first nightlife adventure. The information provided here would help to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for you.