Hi there, my name is Luca. I’m the owner of Malta Pub Crawl and here to ensure you have the paceville experience that you deserve. We’re an independent company that focuses on customer satisfaction. Looking forward to meeting you!  


Experience the nightlife in Paceville

I Grew up in Malta, I love the sea, pastizzi, party and an international environment. There is a right of passage that every Maltese youth experiences, their first night out in the Paceville nightlife. The drinking age in Malta is 17 years old, many youngsters walk up the paceville stairs and marvel at the lights, sounds and sometimes potent aromas that emanate from the bars and clubs.

There are hundreds of bars, clubs and pubs in the area, each one with a different party theme. There’s the popular reggaeton bars with salsa and latino music releasing tunes that make your body move in directions you never imagined. There’s the Hip hop, r&b clubs where the atmosphere can be more cool and a more entitled crowd lurks around. There’s the gentlemans clubs, which are seemingly on every corner. There’s the shot bars popular for some pre session hits of strong spirits. Hidden away are the gems, the beautiful venues with class and elegance. Hard to find and often missed. The clubbing often goes through the night and you can party till the early hours of the morning.

The Paceville experience is like no other!

That’s where the inspiration for Malta Pub Crawl came from, we serve as a nightlife guide to get you through the hectic party scene in Paceville. It’s our job to take you on a positive clubbing journey. Starting at a rooftop bar and ending off the night at St Julian’s largest nightclub. The Pub Crawl is an exhilarating experience and often has you making friends that last a lifetime.

During the Summer the bars & clubs are packed every night of the week. So from Monday to Sunday you can enjoy the beats, beers and people every day! The winter nights are not as busy but you can still hit the clubs at the weekend and even during the week. International student nights are tuesday & thursday at hugo’s passion or Footloose. Friday nights university students gather at Big G’s & Quenchers for pre-drinks. Sunday nights are good for the Maltese 17-21 year olds at Shadow club.

 Malta Pub Crawl is the best way to experience Paceville

If you’re new to Malta its a great idea to join the pub crawl, it’s a great way to make new friends and hit up the clubs with a cool group of people and avoid the creeps. Malta Pub Crawl chooses its venues according to what’s happening on the night. The meeting point is in Paceville Piazza and the experience includes 30 minutes of free shots, 4 entry drinks, 4 venues and Maltese humour.

To participate in this experience you must book online at pubcrawlmalta.com