If you like beautiful sandy beaches, delicious and flavorful street food and some of the best parties in the world, we have a new destination for your next holiday.

Tel Aviv Israel is the new place everybody’s talking about. Just a few hours flight from Europe, you will find a city that haven’t been fully discovered by the masses of tourists thus offer a Unique, diverse and authentic experience.

we have a short list of some of the must to do things in this gorgeous Mediterranean City. Enjoy:

1) The beach –

Tel Aviv is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and with miles of white sandy beaches, you are bound to get a good tan. You can get to the beach from almost any place in the city  in less than 10-15 minutes.

Due to the good weather, the beach is the meeting point of many young people for most months of the year and the water is just nice and warm.

2) Tel Aviv pub crawl

Tel Aviv was voted as one of the best nightlife cities in the world and you have to see it for yourself. In any day of the week you can find amazing parties that go all through the night hours.

When coming to a new city it’s always cool to do a pub crawl and discover the nightlife with new friends. The best pub crawl in Tel Aviv is definitely the TLVnights pub crawl. Their pub crawl happens every weekend and goes to two different areas in the city, Rothschild pub crawl and Dizingoff pub crawl. They will show you the best nightlife in Tel Aviv so join the fun.

3) Street Food –

Tel Aviv is full of vivid markets and that is a great opportunity to try street food with influences from all over the world.

Check out the main Market of the city, the Carmel Market for some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, levinsky Market for some aromatic spices and Delicacies or the authentic flea market of Jaffa for some shopping and Arabic food.

4) Street art –

Check out Florentin neighborhood for the biggest variety of graffiti works in Israel. In this artist neighborhood you can find some of Tel Aviv leading artists doing their work in  a young and trendy atmosphere.

Don’t hesitate to book your next holiday in the hottest new destination of this summer and see you in Tel Aviv.