Craft Beer tasting malta

Beer lovers rejoice! Hop onto our hops express as it pours full foam ahead into the land of Maltaโ€™s remarkable land of craft beer. Explore our beer tradition to the fullest, hang out with other beer enthusiasts and raise a glass to the future!

  • Taste 6 craft Maltese beers from different villages presented by our Beer Geek
  • Learn must-know & fun beer facts
  • Held in a local pub in the centre of St Julian’s.ย 
  • Get your beer questions ready!

Seated Afternoon / Evening : Up to 20 guests

Discover Beer Tasting

Q: What kind of beer will we be tasting?

A: 6 of the best local beers from different beer producing regions of Malta.

Q: Who is this tasting for?
A: Anyone whoโ€™s interested in getting to know Maltese beer. Perfect for both novice and expert beer tasters.

Q: Where is it held?
A: The tasting is held in a pub, right in the heart of city centre. If you book it on Wednesday or weekends, you can prolong it to Karaoke night ๐Ÿ™‚ Good times never stop!

Have you tried Maltese craft beer ?

  • 6 Maltese craft beers
  • Delicious appetizers
  • Presented byย a beer expert

Craft Beer Tasting

Approx 2 hours
35 per person
  • x6 Craft Beers
  • Delicious local appetizers
  • Craft Beer Expert Guide

Private Group

Minimum 10+ persons
28 per person
  • Private Group

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