We are happy to announce that Pub Crawl Malta and Pub Crawl Warsaw (XperiencePoland) partnered as local tour operators to share knowledge, skills and ideas. Both companies are guided by the objective of achieving great quality of Tours and it’s all driven by the same love for travel and leisure industry.

Our friends at XperiencePoland gave us some tips when it comes to visiting Warsaw – the capital city of Poland.
XperiencePoland has been helping travellers from all around the world since 2011 to experience Polish culture and lifestyle in the best possible way. A young team of passionate travel lovers searches and crafts the most interesting activities their home country has to offer.

  1. When it comes to language – all the major communication hubs will provide you with information in Polish and English – airports, railroad stations, information and directions signs on the main traffic streets and in the centre of Warsaw. Also, the Subway (Metro in Polish) has announcements in English and you can set the language on all the ticket vending machines.
  2. When you are reaching Warsaw by Ryanair or Wizzair and arrive at Modlin Airport, you can book a private bus transfer https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/modlin-airport-transfer/ in advance. That’s a smart and comfortable move since the distance from Airport to Warsaw is over 40 km and the price for a regular bus going to Warsaw is around 10 Eur/person and it drops you off in the centre of the city. With a booked transfer, an English speaking driver will be waiting to pick you up and drop you off at your destination so you don’t need to walk far with your luggage or buy extra public transport tickets.
  3. Remember that although Poland is in the European Union and Schengen zone they have their own currency – Polish Zloty (PLN). The current exchange rate can be found on Poland’s National Bank website <https://www.nbp.pl/homen.aspx?f=/srodeken.htm). It’s good to think of exchanging some money before your trip or have a bank card that allows you to pay without any additional commission in other countries. Revolut might be a good idea since paying by card is very popular in Poland and most of the big and small shops and venues have card terminals.
  4. Some people love to discover new places on their own, some love to dive deep in the culture and get a local guide as soon as they arrive on the spot. For the first type of traveller we recommend checking the official Warsaw touristic website https://warsawtour.pl/ where you can easily check TOP10 things to see during your trip or have a ready plan for 1, 2 or 3 days stay.
    For the second type of traveller, we recommend booking a Segway or bike tour through the beautiful streets of Warsaw to the old Town https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/segway-short-tour-warsaw/ or if you want something even more unusual and really Polish – a Vodka Tasting tour https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/vodka-tasting-warsaw/ where a guide will not only tell you about the history and tradition of Poland but you will also try different kind of their most popular alcoholic drink – Polish Vodka. Accompanied by Polish snacks, it’s one of the best ways to start an afternoon and get ready for the evening madness – and trust us – Warsaw has a very vibrant nightlife.
  5. It makes no difference if you’re a solo traveller, a couple or travel in a group. Discovering the city, partying and sharing positive emotions is always more awesome with a lot of friends around. Warsaw Pub Crawl https://pubcrawl.pl/ is the first and coolest Crawl in Warsaw – you should definitely give it a try. They will take for a crazy night out given a really great deal. It’s also an awesome tour where you will visit the main student’s backyard with around 30 bars next to each other and the main party street of Warsaw – “Mazowiecka”. It’s important to mention that a Pub Crawl is always a safer alternative than exploring alone the nightlife in a new, unfamiliar city – especially that you have locals taking care of you.
  6. For the next day if you’re an active person you can try the most interactive way to discover Warsaw – a City Game https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/city-game-warsaw/. It makes exploring even more fun when you have to get out of your comfort zone, attend different games and challenges, approach random people and all that under time pressure! If you are more of a chill person then during summer and autumn an awesome idea might be a bonfire at the riverside https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/bonfire-at-the-beach/. Enjoy a cold beer with a beautiful sight of Warsaw Center from a sandy beach right in the center.
  7. If you have some spare time left, you can always join a Free Walking Tour (we recommend those by Walkative!) https://freewalkingtour.com/pl/ Their guides are real culture lovers and are passionate about what they are doing. If you want something more unusual with a boost of adrenaline but a little bit further from the City – Warsaw has two awesome activities – Indoor Skydiving (aerodynamic tunnel) https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/vertical-wind-tunnel-warsaw/[a][b] or Flyboarding (jets enabling flying over water) https://www.xperiencepoland.com/tour/fly-boarding-warsaw/ – also great for a stag or hen party in Warsaw:)
  8. People are always asking about national and local dishes at restaurants. So here is a little roundup what food you should definitely try:
    Bigos – a national dish made of cabbage, sauerkraut, cuts of meat and sausages. It’s strange but delicious!
    Gołąbki – cabbage rolls made of cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice, sometimes served with tomato sauce. That’s the dish you can mainly get when you know a Polish grandmother:)
    Pierogi – Dumplings! The fillings may range from meat to sauerkraut and fruits. The ones filled with boiled potatoes, cottage cheese and onion are called “Russian”.
    Żurek – Sour rye soup. Traditionally, we eat it for Easter breakfast. Żurek is usually garnished with a piece of sausage, boiled egg or potatoes.

Keep safe during your travels and explore the world!

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