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Malta is a country that for hundreds of years has been home to people from all over Europe. Our society is built on the values of strength in diversity. In Malta you say hello like the french, ‘’Bongu’’, you say thank you like the Italians ‘’Grazzi’’, we say adventure like the Spanish ‘’Aventura’’ and goodbye like in Arabic ‘’Saħħa’’. The values of multiculturalism, European identity, and North African connections are ingrained in Maltese language and spirit.


This you can find self-evident in our history when learning about the Knights of St John. A self-sovereign holy order. Just like digital nomads are self-sovereign. The knights of Malta were self-sovereign too. The Knights of Malta, just like digital nomads, were innovators and out of the box thinkers from all over Europe. There were the French knights, the Spanish knights, the Italian knights, the Portuguese knights, even the British and German knights. The knights of Malta left some of the largest impacts on the island. Their success can surely be attributed to their international nature. This is why we are so proud to be hosting Digital Nomads in Malta that hail from all over the world. We believe that Digital nomads will play a vital role in Malta’s development in the roaring 20s. 


The architecture that the knights built remain prominent in Malta’s history and present. The digital architecture that nomads will build whilst nomadding in Malta, could also serve to establish the Island as a center of excellence in the startup scene. Raising money not to fight crusades or build palaces, the new battleground is cyberspace and the new architectural marvels are the complex lines of code, that build beautiful applications, Artificial intelligence, and digital services. 

Arrivals of Digital Nomads to Malta


Arrivals of Digital Nomads to Malta over the past 6 years. Ranges between 200-1200 arrivals per month. The most interesting to note is that the highest peaks of 1200 repeated in January 2019 and January 2020. This shows that the Digital Nomads seek off-season as well as peak season when visiting Malta.



(source: nomadlist.com

The Digital Nomad Visa in a nutshell


The Digital Nomad Visa allows an entrepreneur or remote worker to reside and work in Malta for an extended period, from six months to a year.

For this, such entrepreneurs do not need a company in Malta. What’s more, this Visa is aimed at entrepreneurs or remote workers who do NOT have a company in Malta, but want to stay in Malta for a while doing business or working in Malta for their companies established outside Malta. It allows them to legally operate in an EU Schengen country with their business abroad while staying in Malta for up to a year.

A case example: Digital Nomad Visa

Johan is a remote worker developing software for a company in the United States. His company allows him full location independence. That means that Johan can work 100% online. He wants to take advantage of this fact to travel and live as a digital nomad. Johan decides to start his travels by spending six months in Malta, while working for his American company. However, in order to be in a legal situation in Malta, allowing him to work there for a foreign company, Johan needs a visa. The Digital Nomad Visa is the perfect solution for him.

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