When you arrive in Malta whether for a vacation, a job, a business trip or an internship you will find yourself lost in all the activities available to you. Are you here to go hiking? To visit museums? Do you want to have fun? Decompress? Meet people? Here we can bring you all this.

And if you will enjoy your trip to discover the night life of Malta and more specifically Paceville? Much bars and clubs are so good for enjoying your night. But didn’t you know which ones are the best? and you certainly donโ€™t want to go alone? and if you tested Malta Pub Crawl? Malta Pub Crawl has a lot of advantages for you! You wonder what are they?

We will make you discover them:

You want to discover the Malta night life?

Malta Pub Crawl is dedicated to providing probably the best nightlife activity. We love to party and sure know how to throw a great event.

You didnโ€™t know which bars and clubs are the best?

We are here to guide you through Paceville is you discover the best bars and clubs in the area. We know all the best destinations and we want to show them to you to make the most of your night.

You want to meet people?

A pub crawl is the best place to meet people from all over the world. Malta Pub crawl specializes in creating friendships that cross borders and last a lifetime.

Party in Paceville 
a lot of new meeting

Do you want to have fun and decompress?

Malta Pub Crawl helps you! You will pass the best night and party of your life. A night you will remember for at least 10 years! You will dance, have fun, make friends, drink and especially forget all your problems.

You will come in winter or in summer?

In both cases it’s the same! Malta Pub Crawl create events all year long, Monday and Friday nights. And also, special events like Halloween.

You want to drink?

When you participate in Malta pub crawl you have the right to 4 free drinks in the evenings and 30 minutes of free shots, enough to drink and have fun even more.

You understand that whatever the reason you come to Malta, Malta Pub Crawl is a thing to absolutely not miss to enjoy your stay. It will allow you to meet people, to have fun, to relax, to discover the nightlife of Paceville and specially to spend an unforgettable night Are you ready to enjoy the night of your life?

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