Make the Most From Your First Boat Party

Published by Luca Arrigo on

You may not know what you’re missing if you’ve never partied on a boat before, unless of course, you party on a boat. It’s total thrills, especially if you prepare well, putting the right things together beforehand.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the organizer of the boat party or only just attending one hosted by your friend, you are certainly going to have the time of your life. Of course, you don’t want to step into a boat party for the first time looking like a moron who has just broken into a party they can’t fit into; No! You want to party as much as everybody else, and most importantly, go home feeling like you’ve just had the time of your life.

Making the most out of your first boat party is easy if you know the right things to do. If you don’t, there’s no need to fret, we’ve listed a few things that you should have in place to help you enjoy your first boat party to the fullest.

Here you go!

Research and Join the Best Boat Party

Whether you are new to a location or you’re a locale, finding the right boat party requires a bit of research. Many boat parties have their guests strictly by invitation, so you really should consider yourself lucky if your friend extends an invite to you, because you might get to enjoy all the thrills without needing to spend much.

However, if you’re in a new location or have boring friends that won’t host a boat party, don’t fret – it doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to get a feel of it.

By checking online, you can get boat parties happening in your location almost every weekend. Most boat parties are thrown open for registration, so by paying an amount; you can join in the boat party of your dreams. Joining a boat party this way can sometimes be more fascinating, because you get to meet new people of like minds, who are interested in having fun.

Search online now to see what’s happening in your location!

Make Proper Inquiries about Date, Location and any Other Thing

You don’t want to show up at the venue of your boat party one week after it has ended, with all your plans thrown down the drain because you failed to inquire appropriately about the date. Every information is vital and should be known.

Usually, before subscribing for a boat party, you will see information regarding time and venue. Check the date specifically to be sure it is somewhere you’ll be comfortable with.

If you already have a phobia for large water, then attending a boat party hosted in one would be counter-intuitive, since you’ll not enjoy one bit of it. But if you are a fan of water, then why not?

Also, check to know about other necessary information like the costume, party theme, etc. Most boat parties require costumes, and it will be embarrassing to show up looking different from others.

Know the Rules

If you are going to a boat party in a new location, then there is quite some work to do. Research extensively about the place. Check out what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, after all, you don’t want to be an offender on your first visit to a new location.

Apart from spoiling the fun you would have gotten, it can also mean being blacklisted from the state or community.

Once you know the location of a boat party, check online to see what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. Also, check to be sure that the caliber of people coming are law-abiding citizens so that you would not have their crimes implicate you.

Dress Appropriately

Like most other events, boat parties have their appropriate clothing too.

First, ensure that whatever clothes you would go with allows you maximum comfort. It’s a party, and you need to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing to enjoy the fun at the party to its fullest.

Take a look at a few clothing tips that will help:

  • Avoid heels:Yes, heels look beautiful and often seem the perfect wear until you step into the boat. There are always a few people that make the mistake of wearing heels to a boat party and guess what? They spend most of the night in a corner holding on to a pole, unable to escape the drunk dude who’s been disturbing for their number.
  • Avoid wearing white:Many times, boat parties get wild, with members trying crazy dance and stunts. Of course, drinks will be spilled and having a white dress means that you’ll spend the night in a corner, avoiding the splashes of drinks.

Don’t Drink To Stupor

It is a party with all the fun you can think of, but you must always remember that you’re offshore, often in the midst of nowhere, and most times, your safety is in your own hands.

Drinking out your senses might not be safe for you, especially if you are light-headed. While drinks are a big part of the fun, avoid overdoing it, at least until you’re somewhere on land, far from the waters.

Host Your Own Boat Party

Finally, nothing beats organising things the best way that suits you.

Hosting your boat party means that everything can go exactly how you want it. Preferred location, preferred costume, date, etc. It’s not even that difficult.

If you don’t have enough money, you can put up a social media post, asking for volunteers to join your boat party. As long as you have nice ideas to look forward to, they’ll come with their money.

Fix a date now and get in the boat with other party lovers like you!

There you have it. Your first boat party doesn’t have to feel dull and unplanned. Get yourself immersed in the fun with these few tips that we’ve highlighted here, and watch your boat party become an experience of a lifetime.