Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway from work and anything related? Then you should have your bucket list filled with lots of fun and fabulous things to do and see – after all that’s what the time is meant for.

Still confused about the perfect way to catch fun? You shouldn’t, not when there are so many things to do in exotic places around the world. While most tourist websites will suggest the usual fun things like hiking, sightseeing, and beach moments, you will want to experience more. Beyond the not so lively moment watching historical monument and listening to your tour guard tell long stories about parks, you can experience some real thrill for yourself by enjoying the nightlife.

In most places, night activities are nothing short of fun, thrill, excitement, and fascinating stories to tell. Why not get yourself a team and get soaked into the night with an exciting pub crawl. There’s absolutely no way you’ll not love the fun that a Pub Crawl offers.

Still confused about how to organize the perfect pub crawl? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how simple and fun it is, but first:

What Is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl or bar crawl as it is popularly called in some places involves joining a team of like-minded individuals and touring different pubs with them, from where you’ll need to have at least one drink in each.

Sounds thrilling already? Wait till you hear everything that there is to it.

Unlike the name easily suggests, there’s almost no actual crawling happening unless of course, you get so drunk that you’re not able to stand upright on your feet anymore.

Being a pub crawler requires that you incorporate yourself into a group of fellow crawlers and local guides, which is usually the best part of it. Because it doesn’t have to just be about cheap drinks, free shots, and great bars. It’s about networking with people of like minds in a place you’re probably not used to

However, whether you choose to join a small bar crawl event, or you are fixing yourself into the biggest pub crawl in the world, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Here’s a compilation of some of them.

How To Organize a Pub Crawl

As thrilling as a pub crawl is, it can be a total disaster without proper organization. It could even become an evening spent in custody, and of course, that’s not what you want. The key is knowing where the lines are and not crossing them.

Take a look at some of the things you could do to plan:

Plot your route:

Pubs are pretty popular, and chances exist that there are too many of them in your locality. You can’t exhaust all of your favorite bars in one night. Remember that a pub crawl doesn’t even spell spontaneity.

Start your plans beforehand by narrowing your list to a few bars as possible, using specific criteria. There’s a need to have enough time in each bar for everybody to at least grab a drink.

If you are new in an area, Google map may help you get the perfect walking distance between different bars

Fix a theme:

This doesn’t have to be compulsorily dome before people start to empty bottles, but yes, creating a theme brings the festive touch to the event.

By creating a crawl to be based around a movie, holiday or popular history, you’ll be able to bring untold fun to your event.

Additionally, getting your swag and costumes in tune with your theme can also help you identify yourselves. You’ll never know the joy in this until you try creating a theme for your next crawl.

Give the bars heads up:

Telling a bar beforehand that you’re coming comes with a lot of benefits. You don’t want to walk into a bar with your team, only to meet one bartender on duty, trying so hard to meet up with every demand.

Come on, put yourself in the shoes of the bartender and see how such a scenario feels.

Put a call through to the bar before coming and have them staff up to meet your needs. They may even set an area apart for the group.

Leverage on the power of social media:

As lovely as social media is, it can add fun to your night.

First, you can leverage on the networking power of social media to connect with people that will be interested in joining the crawl.
With social media too, you can get numerous suggestions on the best bars around an area to visit, which is a good thing for your plan, since you don’t want to be disappointed by the quality of any of the places you visit.

Most importantly, you can save up your favorite moments in one place, from where you can retrieve them later if you need to.

Don’t forget the food:

Yes, it is a drinking event, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat.

This is one mistake a lot of crawlers often make. Throw some food in the pack and take a moment for a food break. It will not only energize you to continue, but it’ll help you avoid puking up fireballs and regrets during dinner time.

Now that you know how to organize a pub crawl, it is important to have a few things in mind before going ahead to be part of one. So here you go.

Things To Know Before Joining a Pub Crawl

Don’t forget the food:

Come on. It’s a pub crawl, not an intercity or sightseeing. Why expect a car drop?

This event typically involves moving from one pub to the other on foot and, usually, getting more drunk as you go.

Before the night finishes, you might have walked a few more kilometers than you’ll typically do, so get ready for it.

Pace yourself:

Being in a pub crawl isn’t a time to do things beyond your capability.

Of course, these moments come with free drinks and discounts on bulk drink purchases, so it’s pretty easy to get drunk fast.

Take it easy, drink responsibly, and know when you get to your limit.

Understand pub policies:

Apart from discount on drinks, being in a pub crawl does not mean any special privileges that exempt you from bar policies.

Know the rules on each venue and by all means, keep to them.

Street drinking:

You’ll sometimes get tempted to take a drink with you when leaving a pub, but you really should beware of local alcohol rules guiding the place.

While some cities permit you to drink in the streets, others have strong rules against it that might attract fines and even possible lockup.

Put your phone away:

A lot of us are stuck with the terrible habit of using our phone in places we shouldn’t. A pub crawl is a moment to enjoy laughter and make new friends.

Don’t let stealing glances at your phone screen ruin your chance of making new friends.

There you have it, fun lovers. join a Pub crawl on your next vacation to enjoy all the thrills there is. It’s one of the best night activities you can experience, as you’ll find out yourself.


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