By now, you already know that nightlife in Malta is something to look out for. The country’s bubbling nightlife means that locals and tourists are not short of night activities to engage in throughout the night.

One night activity that have gained increasing popularity in the past is pub crawl. To a lot of Maltese people, a pub crawl means more than just strolling into different bars to have bottles of drinks. To them, it is an exciting culture that’s worth preserving.

We can’t stop emphasizing the level of fun you will get when you can find the right pub crawl team to join. It will be an event to remember.

The question most people have often asked, however, is how they can get the right pub crawl team to join in Malta. Of course, you don’t just wake up in a pub crawl team. You need a little bit of work to get the perfect team with like minds.

Check out a list of some of the best ways to find a pub crawl team in Malta

Go to Social Media

Whether you are hosting a pub crawl or merely looking for one to join in Malta, there is no better place to find a ready team than on social media.

Social media is thriving in Malta, and with a population distribution that consists more of millennials, you can expect to find just what you are looking for on social media.

Planning a pub crawl? Make a post on social media platforms with the right hashtags, and before you know it, you’d have seen interested people that are willing to join your plan and work towards it.

How about if you are new as a tourist in Malta and want to have a night packed with complete fun? Go on Instagram or Facebook, use the right keywords and you will get one to join.

There is a pub crawl going on in Malta almost every week, so youโ€™re most probably going to find a perfect fit on social media.

Check Tour Guide Sites

If you are new to Malta, there’s probably no better place to find out what’s happening than in tour sites. Search for “Maltese tour guide sites” on Google to find pub crawl teams that you can join.

Most times, through this medium, you will find the perfect pub crawl or any other tour activity you like in your preferred location.

Ask for Referrals From Friends

Just like you, your friends love fun activities too. If they are resident in Malta, they’ve probably heard of a Maltese pub crawl going on this weekend. Don’t just assume that they will tell you without asking. They probably don’t know you are searching for one.

Stealthily bring it up in discussions. Let them know your intentions, and if they know any, they will tell you.

Maltese pub crawls are the perfect way to have fun at night if you have the head for a few bottles. The kind of company you’re in can determine the level of fun to anticipate.

Get the right team today and set yourself for the perfect pub crawl in Malta


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