Footloose Club in Paceville

Footloose is the total opposite of all other bars/clubs in Paceville. Footloose is the official fun bar in Malta; it’s Wild Surprising Fun! Footloose is the total opposite of all other bars in Paceville.

Since opened, Footloose has always been the official fun bar in Malta. The name says it all – FOOTLOOSE – where everyone is free to do anything s/he pleases. This is the bar where nothing else matters, where you can let loose and have fun. Is it posh? No, but as we call it Footloose is Wild Surprising Fun! The music here never dies as our DJs play a mix of ear-friendly music from all time and places. We also spice up the evenings with last minute bar offers, themed parties and unprompted performances; it simply gets more fun and crazy throughout the night! Meeting new people from all over the world is one of the main ‘attractions’ at this bar! It’s all about introducing new foreign friends, languages, nationalities and cultures in your life diary. Getting bored is simply not the case at Footloose! You’ll find yourself engaged all the time; either having a drink, chatting with your friend/s, meeting new people, dancing the night away, letting loose and last but not least enjoying life the way you deserve. Footloose has two fully equipped bars serving all names of spirits, beers, wine and even cocktails. It also owns a large area of white sofas for a break or two! If you’re over 17 years of age and part of the globe, then we suggest you to join the FREE fun experience from Monday to Sunday between 20:00 and 04:00! We accept bookings for private parties, corporate events and all types of fun activities – contact us for more details.

Footloose – the number one place for a fun night out in Paceville

The Footloose motto is ‘Wild Surprising Fun’…and that is what it is all about – FUN. Located in the heart of Paceville, Malta’s prime night spot, Footloose is genuinely a place to let your hair down and leave your work or studies behind. The music is always upbeat, uplifting…never mind the year it was released…as long as it gets your heart pumping, your legs moving, your hands in the air and you singing…it will be played at Footloose.

This is not the chic sort of place to enjoy a drink on some leather sofa in a hidden corner…Footloose is the place to have fun, jump around, possibly make a fool of yourself, but ultimately create memorable memories of wild and harmless craziness.

Last minute crazy bar offers and unprompted performances spice up the evening to give you that night which lights your face up with a knowing smile. Join in the fun with party goers from around the globe holidaying in Malta.

Enjoy it and let your feet loose!