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Coral Lagoon Tours Malta by Kayak

Experience a guided tour to Malta’s magical coral lagoon. Led by a professional instructor to Coral Lagoon Malta. 

Coral lagoon is situated in the north of the island. It is definitely one of the most interest spots to visit during your stay in Malta. If like me, you like a little bit of adventure. Then an early morning expedition or a sunset cruise to this lovely site is definitely on your radar. Here we’ll go through what to expect on your tour with us. 

What will I see at Coral Lagoon? 

The water is crytal clear and the unique roofless cave structure is a site to marvel at. 

Where will the Coral Lagoon Tour Start ? 

Whilst it is possible to reach coral lagoon by foot. The most engaging way to experience the area of L-ahrax is definitely by sea. Kayaking to this spot is a eco-friendly way to explore the area whilst respecting the natural environment. The tour will start on the popular beach of Mellieha bay. 

How long will the Kayak tour last? 

In Malta, we like to take things easy. There’s no definite time to arrive and leave the coral lagoon but we usually take approx 3 hours to go from mellieha bay to Coral Lagoon. 

I’m not very fit, can I make the tour? 

There is an alternative leaving point in Armier bay, if you think you won’t make it too far, we can discuss leaving from this point for your private group. In general, kayaking is a very stress free sport and it is achievable for most people. 

What is the best time to visit Coral Lagoon? 

We recommend leaving either early morning or coordinate with Sunset. This is to ensure that we get to experience the famous colours of the Maltese sunset. In the Autumn, Winter and Spring it is fine to kayak in the afternoon as the weather is mild and fresh. During the Summer we recommend avoid the mid day heat. 

Coral Lagoon Tour

Approx 3 hours
49 per person
  • Kayak and paddles
  • Your own expert Instructor guide
  • Full safety briefing and weather condition checks
  • UV - T shirt / buoyancy aid
  • Free photos

Group Booking

Minimum 10+ persons
35 per person
  • Private group

Can I jump at Coral Lagoon? 

The water is relatively deep but we do not recommend jumping from the cliff if you have never done something similar in the past. 

How do I get out from Coral Lagoon? 

If you arrive by land, make sure you know where the exit is and how to find the exit point. The exit point is a fair swim, going left through the tunnel. 

Things to watch out for at Coral Lagoon

The area is notoriously dangerous and one must never get in the water here during rough weather. The rocks are sharp and difficult to climb even when calm.

How do I get there?

The Coral Lagoon is a naturally formed cave near Armier Bay in Mellieha. It’s a little off the beaten track but well worth the effort.

There are at two ways to get to the Coral Lagoon. You can either drive to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception and then turn left when you see the campsite sign, or drive to Armier Bay Beach and from there walk towards the Ahrax Tower.

If you do decide to walk, make sure you wear sturdy footwear, as the terrain is quite harsh. Pack water, plenty of sunblock and of course, don’t forget your camera.

What is there to see?

The lagoon is one of Malta’s most breathtaking locations and a dream for divers and swimmers alike.

The Coral Lagoon is a firm favourite with TripAdvisor reviewers. One woman from Prague described it as a ‘gorgeous little gem’.

She added: ‘This lagoon is a hidden cave that is very popular diver’s spot due to its crystal clear waters. From Little Armier Bay, you can get there by kayak or by foot and swim in this unusual, true beauty of nature!’

Another holidaymaker from Hungary posted: ‘I discovered this place almost by accident and it was simply breathtaking.

‘The water has a magnificent turquoise shade, the sea outside is dark blue, and the sky is light blue. Recommended to anyone who is up to some adventure.’