The different cocktails in Malta

In all bars and clubs in Malta, you can have many cocktails. Today we are going to present you all these drinks:

Mojito :


The Mojito is one of the most famous drinks. Originally from Cuba, it is composed of rum, soda, lime, and fresh mint leaves. Sold in virtually every bar and club in Malta you could not miss it.

Mango Mojito:

mango mojito

The mojito mango is an improvement of the mojito basic, just add mango to the classic recipe and here you are with a mojito mango. Very fresh and tasty for lovers of mango this drink is very recommended.

Bloody Mary:

bloody mary

The Bloody Mary, renowned for its spicy and spicy taste, is composed of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice and spices such as tabasco, chilli or pepper. Recommended for those who are not afraid of spices.



The Margarita is native to Mexico, consisting of tequila, lemon juice and triple sec.

This drink can be of several colors depending on whether fruits are added to the preparation.

Sex on the beach: 

sex on the beach

Sex on the beach is a cocktail of vodka, liqueur, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Origin of the United States, this drink can be revisited according to the bar or the club.

Piña colada: 

pina colada

Pina colada, well known for its sweet blend of rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream and a native drink from Puerto Rico where it has been declared a national drink.

Its taste of coconut and pineapple will travel your taste buds.

Gin Tonic:

gin tonic

Gin Tonic is a simple cocktail, composed only of gin and tonic, it is a drink to consume very fresh with a lot of ice.

This drink can sometimes be accompanied by a slice of lemon or lime



The Cosmopolitan is composed of vodka, triple sec, green lemon and cranberry juice.

It is often decorated with orange peel or slice of lemon Very popular with women this pink cocktail is a light and fruity drink



The Negroni was born in Florence, today known worldwide, it is composed of gin, red vermouth and Campari.



The Manhattan is a drink often served as an aperitif, composed of bitter, vermouth, whiskey and for the decoration of a cherry at brandy.

Originally from New York this drink is known worldwide

White Lady:

white lady

This cocktail of origin of France is a fancy drink. Composed of Gin, triple sec and green lemon juice it is a drink with a dry taste.

Tequila Sunrise:

tequila sunrise

The name of this drink is inspired by the effect at the bottom of the glass that gives inpression to a sunrise, it consists of tequila, grenadine and orange juice.

Originally from the United States, it is often decorated with slice of orange or cherry.

Blue Lagoon:

Blue lagoon

You may know the Blue Lagoon with its turquoise water and breathtaking landscapes? Now we are going to present you the blue lagoon cocktail composed of vodka, blue curacao and lemon juice.

This refreshing drink is from Paris and takes its name from its color.

The best place to drink cocktails in Malta

Blue Lagoon:

Blue Lagoon

And if you drink a blue lagoon in blue lagoon?

It’s possible, on the island of comino surrounded by the blue lagoon, embumbling salesmen sell cocktails in pineapples.

Beautiful scenery and exquisite drinks

Valetta – The alchemy:

The Alchemy

Alchemy bar located in Valletta, offers cocktails of the most original. If you want to live a unique mixology experience don’t hesitate to go to this bar.

The Alchemy Bar offers an exclusive and comfortable atmosphere. The cocktails are presented by the talented mixologist Attila Felhasi and his team

Valetta – Cafe Society:

Cafe Society

This little bar located in Valette in a small street with the famous stairs, and a very good cocktail bar, very relaxed atmosphere and electro music will make you go back in time.

San Ġiljan – The Thirsty Barber:

The Thirsty Barber

The Thirsty Barber offers a unique cocktail list, developed by a team of qualified and experienced mixologists.

A great atmosphere and great drinks!

San Ġiljan – Bar Native:

Bar Native

In the heart of Paceville this bar allows you to sip your drinks while enjoying the atmosphere.

This bar also offers tapas and if you want to enjoy even more come during happy hours!

Sliema – MedAsia:


Located on the heart of Sliema, the MedAsia is a lounge bar that offers drinks, Asian food and Mediterranean food.

You can also enjoy a superb drink by the pool because MedAsia also has a beach.

Sliema – Tex Mex:


Located on Sliema’s harbor side street, Tex Mex is a bar grill offering multiple different drinks.

In this bar you can also enjoy excellent grills.

Sliema – 1926:


The 1926 is a beach club in Sliema which also offers excellent cocktails.

If you want to sip your drink with seen on the sea and feet in the pool this place and perfect for you.

Ghajn Tuffieha – Singita Miracle Beach

Singita Miracle Beach

 With one of the most beautiful sunset, Singita Miracle Beach is a perfect place to drink and decompress. The fine sand and the sea will make you spend an excellent and unforgettable moment.

Now that we have entrusted you with the best cocktails and the best place to drink, we hope that you will have a good time in Malta and that you will not hesitate to participate in the Pub Crawl that we propose to discover everything about Malta nightlife while savoring excellent drinks.

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