The best Hostels in Malta

1. Marco Polo Hostel

We’ve selected our favourite party hostel in the area and asked them to give pub crawlers a special discount. We recommend staying at Marco polo hostel because it is located so close to the nightlife scene.

The bars and clubs of Paceville are only a stones throw away. Our favourite spots in St Julian’s are surrounding this hostel. The staff at Marco polo will be more than happy to help you find the best parties to dance the night away. Some pub crawls even start at the rooftop bar which is attached to this nightlife hub.

The general vibes here is relaxed and positive. You will also discover an elusive mix of chill and adventure.

2. Inhawi Hostel

This relaxed and and laid back hostel is located in Ballutta bay. This is close to Sliema and St Julian’s. Walking distance from the tranquile set up of a pool, erganomic common areas and even a fancy restaurant called SALT. Inhawi is great for backpackers that like to live a clean and comfortable hostel experience. Sometimes refered to as flashpacking! 

3. Boho Hostel

If you are familiar with Malta, then you will not be surprised to see this name here. It is indeed among the best and a great place to stay a couple of days.

It is a quiet place, run with friendly and professional staffs. If you want to take some time off partying, then this place should be your favorite option. Blessed to be in a serene environment overlooking amazing sceneries.

Whether you’ve been in Malta for long or heading to it for the first time, this is the place to be

4. Hostel Malti

One look at the name of this place and you’ll be convinced that it is a cool place to visit, with everything on point at all moments.

If you are traveling solo, then you’ll not be fair to yourself to end your stay in Malta without visiting this destination. Here, you get to enjoy a lovely time, relaxing under topnotch services, but that’s not everything. You also get to meet lots of travelers like you that are willing to mingle, and you never can tell, you may make a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Staying in Malta is a complete pack of fun on its own, but if you love to party hard, then one of these party hostels will come useful for you as you step into Malta.