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Meet people from around the world and turn strangers into friends! Party in St Julian’s at the best bars and clubs in Paceville.

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€15 at the door
  • 4 Drinks (1 at each venue)
  • Free Shots at the first Venue
  • VIP Access
  • Fun Party Guides
  • Discounts and Bar Offers

Reviews about Malta Pub Crawl

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The first night of a weekend among friends this was the activity that allowed us to break the ice and be immediately catapulted into the nightlife! From the first moment with the formation of groups, explanation of challenges to pass and prizes to be won, it obviously created an excellent cheerful and funny atmosphere as you went on for the following clubs.. put yourself comfortable shoes and get ready to party!
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We really enjoyed the Paceville pub crawl where staff were very chatty, friendly and informative. Everyone we met was very friendly and sociable and we had 'teams' where we had to do fun challenges at the start as an ice breaker which was fun and helped us get to know other people. We were guided through multiple bars/ended in a club and everyone got along really well after the staff made introductions easy. There was multiple drinks/shots included and a photographer there. The bars and club were good atmospheres and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people of different ages and from different countries. Would recommend!​
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I did several of those pub crawls in other cities in the past - Malta was by far the best!​

Things to know.

This event typically involves moving from one pub to the other on foot and, usually, getting more drunk as you go.

Before the night finishes, you might have walked a few more kilometers than you’ll typically do, so get ready for it.

Being in a pub crawl isn’t a time to do things beyond your capability.

Of course, these moments come with free drinks and discounts on bulk drink purchases, so it’s pretty easy to get drunk fast.

Take it easy, drink responsibly, and know when you get to your limit.

Apart from discount on drinks, being in a pub crawl does not mean any special privileges that exempt you from bar policies.

Know the rules on each venue and by all means, keep to them.

You’ll sometimes get tempted to take a drink with you when leaving a pub, but you really should beware of Malta’s alcohol rules guiding the place.

While some cities permit you to drink in the streets, it is against the law that might attract fines and even possible lockup.

A lot of us are stuck with the terrible habit of using our phone in places we shouldn’t. A pub crawl is a moment to enjoy laughter and make new friends.

Don’t let stealing glances at your phone screen ruin your chance of making new friends.

There you have it, fun lovers. join a Pub crawl on your next vacation to enjoy all the thrills there is. It’s one of the best night activities you can experience, as you’ll find out yourself.

Party with the clubbing experts

Malta Pub Crawls is dedicated to provide probably the best nightlife activity to our customers. We do so because we love to party and sure know how to throw a great event. We specialise in creating friendships that cross borders and last a lifetime. A pub crawl takes you on a journey through the best bars and clubs in the area. Our guides are experts in culture and will ensure you have the party of your life. It’s our job to ensure you experience a night that you will remember for 10 years or hardly remember.. Either way we’ll be there to guide you through Malta’s most notorious party capital Paceville. Free shots, Free Drinks, DJ guests and Maltese humour.

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